To inspire and empower young people to take initiative, be innovative and take ownership of their future, while improving the world around them.

Our Youth Empowerment Eco-System

We work with young people in Tanzaniaevery single day. We use the insights that our work has given us to help other organisations implement their own youth-based initiatives more effectively.

Mentorship & Coaching

We assist students to developed a clear vision and goal, are connected with the right mentor for them, who will meet regularly with the student and guide them towards realising their dream future

Career Network Support

CNS is a programme that we run in secondary schools to help young people understand who they are, where their potential lies and then start to work towards their future by coming up with ways to take action to address the problems they see in their community.

Bridge for Change Career Hub

Career Hub is a physical venue plus e-space for Skills development and Information dissemination that provides Tanzanian youth with access to quality information and mentorship. It delivers training and facilitation on 21st-century skills to youths, while its online platform enables more than young people to make informed decisions about career planning and access consultation services.