There is a say that “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions”In Tanzania education context most youth graduate form six(the highest level of secondary education) knowing that the next step is applying for universities.But most of them end up having the wrong choices towards their career because they did not get assistance/knowledge at that time.Imagine the time that you need to make decision regarding your next life and you do not have or you have little knowledge about it.Some attend the university level pursuing a certain course for three to four years and they are not passionate about that in the end regrets studying that course and you can think  who they become and how their work life will look like, will they be committed? Will they be happy?

Tanzania is among African countries floaked with university graduates.”Many of them face high unemployment or joblessness and serious difficulties in getting a firm foothold into the labor market. Many leave school without the requisite skills or competencies needed in today’s economy and society” as quoted from Lyata Ndyali, (Public Administration Department , Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan) in her paper on Higher Education System and Jobless Graduates in Tanzania.(Higher education system )

The education system provide many students who enroll universities without having the right tools to clear their path and that will help them even after campus life (The citizen ).We have organized the Pre-university career compass program where young people who want to attend university will be facilitated with the tools that will be helpful in paving their way during the university lifetime and even further after finishing university.Moreover these session will also be used to enlight these students about the basics of university life in relation to their careers.

21st June we held our first session round of Pre-university career compass program among the more sessions to come.10 young people were able to get information and create a big picture of their university life while setting up their professional career goals.The facilitation session took about two hours and a half with several topics such us career consultations,information desk about university admission, how to acquire scholarship for those who wish to study abroad and how to get the best out of university life.

“I am glad I got this opportunity of adding the little I knew,I came with a lot of expectations and I am glad I met all of my expectation.The session are useful especially for us who wants to take part in university.I studied science subjects but I am passionate for art and I wish to be an architeque because I love drawing, but the challenge came along I didn’t know which courses I can pursue to reach my dream that link to my passion. But I am so happy and feel comfortable knowing that with my passion I can pursue so many things not only architeque and I learned that Architeque is not about drawing only” Said Angela J. Mosha a form six graduate from Marian Girls.

The pre-university students who attended the facilitation session now understands and feel comfortable in their application and generated  a clear goal to their career. However these young people asked for more assistance of coaching sessions during their University life so as to realize  their dreams.

Career Compass will pave the way to professional career of any youth to me and it goes by the slogan “welcome to the career hub and grab your career compass” The next session will be in 28th June stay tuned.