We usually say there is plan B but there is no planet B “Jan Eliasson”. Protecting environment is protecting the planet Earth.25th September 2015 the United Nations set the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals. These are the universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. One of the agenda agreed was climate action (goal number 13).

As we are celebrating the world environment day youth runs different activities to raise awareness on environmental conservation and contributes to global goal number 13 (climate action).In Tanzania this year, the theme for commemoration is ”nitunze nikutunze” which translates “serve me and I will serve you” . The government together with different stakeholders are holding awareness events and exhibition on creative environmental friendly products.

Climate change is the challenge of this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it’s too late. Reviewing to the Tanzania environmental policy states that the current state of environment is a matter of concern and they have identified that land degradation, lack of accessible good quality water for both urban and rural communities, environmental pollution, loss of wild habitats and biodiversity, deterioration of aquatic system and deforestation are the challenges that hinder our environment.

Many people don’t believe in climate change but the signs are real and young people have committed themselves to raise awareness and fight against it. They say that “youth are the leaders of tomorrow and that tomorrow is now”.Bridge for change thorough its Think big challenge program guided young people in secondary schools  to solve different challenges facing their schools and the community at large. One of the identified challenge was the state of environment and they came up with different activities which involved awareness raising and strategic plans for environmental conservation.

Young people play a big role to the government and non-governmental organizations to keep focused on environmental sustainability so as to meet with the global agenda by 2030’s and save the planet. We congratulates and appreciate the amazing work done by young change makers in shaping our community on environment by sharing their amazing stories

A good example is participants  from Mabibo Secondary Schools who runs  a movement to stop deforestation. They raise awareness on forest conservation,creating partnership with community organization dealing with environment and their  school on campaigning and providing tree seeds to the community around them and their school .

Other from Yusuph Makamba secondary school are working towards ensuring a clean environment by improving  littering scheme. They have put dustibins around their school and messages to educate others on proper waste disposal. They are cooperating with teachers as well as other students to ensure their school and the community around is properly disposing all wastes and avoid littering.    

Someone once said the distance  between our dreams and success is an action but today we must all know that our action defines the future, let us join hands ‘‘nitunze nikutunze”. If we want to be there tomorrow there is one thing we must do  protect our environment.